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[2022-08-08] First Enemy Formations and Destructible Enemies
Some new enemies have been added. The first formation which flies in a diamond was added as well as some destructible enemies...
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[2022-08-05-2] Waves, Nukes
There are now waves of enemies. They start with 25 and increase in size. Different enemies come out each time (only 3 enemies right now.) I also added red power...
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[2022-08-05] Source Code Released, Minor Usability Improvements
The source code is still ugly but it's all there...
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Protect the Crystals
[2022-08-03] Balancing, Nicer Highscores
Some balancing improvements have been made and a few graphical improvements...
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[2022-07-31] High Scores, Crystal Shards
There is now a highscore list and you can pick up blue powerups for an extra crystal shard...
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[2022-07-30] New Enemy, Playable Experience
There are now 3 similar enemies with different movement and attack patterns and the game could be considered a game now...
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[2022-07-28] Spinner Enemies and Score
You now have a score and there is a new spinning enemy...
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Protect the Crystals
[2022-07-26] First Enemies
I've added the first enemies today. A lot of other changes have been made as well as a bunch of bug fixes...
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