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Recent updates

[1.2.9] Linux Mouse Cursor Bug
This release fixes a hidden/glitchy mouse cursor by not setting a custom mouse cursor on Linux. I couldn't figure out the bug but on some systems it was hidden...
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[1.2.8] Improved Music/Pixel Shadows/Fixes
Today's update improves some music, changes the high-res shadows to pixelated and fixes a few small issues...
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[1.2.6] Immediate Attack Taps and Audio Settings
This update adds the ability to tap/click enemies directly without selecting "Bonk" and adds an audio on/off toggle in the settings...
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[1.2.5] Split-Second Speed-Runs
Tower To Heaven adds the possibility of speed-runs in a matter of seconds, adds a Samurai Sword and makes a lot of other improvements...
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[1.2.0] Special Levels
1.2.0 adds some special levels and fixes a few bugs...
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[1.0.6] Speed-Run Modes
TTH 1.0.6 adds a speed-run mode (100 or 1000 levels) that adds dice to warp levels. Check the controls to reconfigure (default Z key or X button.)...
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